Colorism in Media is the Message – Extra Credit

Here is another opportunity for extra credit. Please listen to the two clips and read the brief article about an  actress from the Hit Fox TV Show, Empire and her experience dealing with Colorism. As always incorporate the readings, our discussions and refer to the content in this blog posts in your comments.

Shades of Black – Colorism, Skin Color Discrimination

A Dialogue on Institutional Colorism and Moving Toward Healing with Dr. Yaba Blay

Empire’s Grace Gealey Says She Didn’t Experience Colorism Until She Came to the US

2 thoughts on “Colorism in Media is the Message – Extra Credit

  1. The short video clip, audio clip, and the article of Grace Gealey is sadly no surprise to me. Although, it is horrible to come to terms of the discrimination that has been happening and continues to happen in today’s society. The short video clip Shades of Black – Colorism, Skin Color Discrimination, talk about the experiences that different Black individuals have had in relation to colorism. In the video clip women were being complemented of their complexion because of the shade. Many women took offense to the “compliment” because they felt as if they were white then they would be called beautiful or intelligent. I was quite surprised of the different names that the women were called such as light bright and almost white , pissed colored yellow, red bone, chocolate, caramel and there were even more harsher names like darkie, blackie, blue black, jet black, and even burned. It is believed that more women and men would be more inclined to talk to their counter parts if they were of “light skinned” complexion because they were “cuter, smarter, and wealthier.” The only reason “dark girls” may be “hit on” is if they’re thick. It was mentioned in the short clip that “if you’re light skinned, you’re not necessarily black” and “the darker you are the bigger package you have.” It sounds crazy when you hear the things that people say and their judgement of people and their complexion.

    The article of Grace Gealey and her experience of colorism when she immigrated to the United States was incredible. She noticed that there was competition between women of color because of the different “shade of Black” that they were. “But when I came to America, that’s when I started to feel that there was a lot of push-back from women.” Although Grace knew that she was Black and that she was not treated any differently in her home country of Cayman Islands, Grace was not aware of the issue of colorism in America and she soon realized that she was not only a Black woman living in America but more like a light skin woman living in America. I was definitely aware that I am light-skinned. I realized that was a thing here.” It is unfortunate that the world we live in today is the way it is and its focus on the complexion of one’s skin than the intelligence of their minds and the person they are inside.


  2. Good comments but I would have liked if you linked it to a film , TV show or any of the films we watched as well as the readings. It helps to build your arguments as well as see if you can make a connection to the work we’ve been doing all semester.


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