Social Implications and Black Female Stereotypes

This is an extra credit assignment. As a follow-up to our discussion on Social Implications and Black Female Stereotypes, we will continue this discussion on the presentation below and the Lupe Fiasco music video. Please incorporate the examples from our readings.

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2 thoughts on “Social Implications and Black Female Stereotypes

  1. “Now imagine there’s a shorty, maybe five maybe four
    Ridin’ ’round with his mama listening to the radio
    And a song comes on and a not far off from being born
    Doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong
    Now I ain’t trying to make it too complex
    But let’s just say shorty has an undeveloped context
    About the perception of women these days
    His mama sings along and this what she says
    “Niggas, I’m a bad bitch, and I’m that bitch
    Something that’s far above average”
    Lupe Fiasco – Bitch Bad Lyrics
    After watching Lupe Fiasco social implication of black women stereotype in music videos, his opening lyrics caught my attention. The scene of the young boy riding with his mother, as she listen to music singing the lyrics to the song. These words were sung “I’m a Bad bitch, and I’m That Bitch”. Lupe later on to say how the son is too young and till learning, bop his head and listening to words coming out his mother mouth. Is now associating his mother words to what a woman is, let alone to what his mama is. William (1984) suggests “viewers are more likely to imitate behaviors portrayed by the media if they identify with the character or view the character as someone important (p.307). Lupe Fiasco points out how the media is influencing young population of African American males view towards females. Not excluding African American women views of their self in the lens of the media. African American women have been portraying in music videos always hyper sexualize. Byrd argues in her article Claiming Jezebel, that black women in hip-hop or entertainment businesses were hardly given a role that shows them in a positive light. Nine out of ten most African American women were not given the same respect like women of other races. She argues “we are not whores, lairs or sex slaves…” all in which are represented in rap music videos and films casting African American women, which shows abuse or women half naked dancing or doing sexual actives. She disagrees that this should be ideal look of African American women. Every young girl not really understanding the context of music video or film they are watching wants to be a Bad bitch. Another song title Bad Bitch by French Montana is a good view of how African American males showcase women of color in their music video. “I got a good thing going with a bad Bitch” is the hook from the song. As French Montana featuring Jeremih raps the song in the music video you see women of color of black a Hispanic women walking around the house half naked. Byrd, Calming Jezebel she had stated “and with white suburban youth being one of the biggest consumer bases for rap music, it is safe to say that while some of the kids buying the CDs may have never met a black woman, they’ve all seen at least one (probably quite a few) wrap her legs around a pole and dance to a hip-hop tune during an afternoon spent watching BET, MTV, or the Box.” In closing Norma Manatu states “Black women are depicted as not only separating sex from love; romantic love is rarely a concern for them.” (p.66) culturally women of color has been us for their large body; bold lips, large breast and butts has been a view for sexual pleasure but not love. Tying this Lupe Fiasco lyrics to bad bitch, he speaks of how we need to develop a new form of representation of ourselves.


  2. Excellent observations, great critical thinking skills! Wonderful use of the reading and outside resources. Most importantly, you are able to come to a conclusion as to how we move from these stereotypes and create ‘a new form of representation for ourselves.”


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