Dear White People and the new Black Cinematic Heroine

Dear White People, the new comedy of race and identity in the Obama-era US, is “a nonstop parade of barbed epigrams, cuttingly literate social observations”, writes Owen Gleiberman. Justin Simien, an African America filmmaker examines race and culture in a predominately white fictional college campus.


In Dear White People, we see re-imagined stereotypes of the Tragic Mulatto, Sapphire and Superwoman. Using quotes from Manatu and other resources examine how the filmmaker changes these stereotypes and what was his imagined goal in reinvisioning them. What does this say about how we are to look at black women in contemporary films, especially by African American filmmakers. Feel free to connect black female leads from other films and tv shows as an exmaple, including ones that we have already seen in class.




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