The Beauty Model, Colorism and the Images of Women of Color

For Extra Credit:


Pick 2-3 three articles that address Colorism and the Beauty Model and discuss as it related to either the short film Yellow Fewer, a tv show or film that favors or refers colorism. As always incorporate the readings, our discussions and refer to the content in this blog posts in your comments. Also see, the short film Yellow Fever which we viewed in class

Empire’s Grace Gealey Says She Didn’t Experience Colorism Until She Came to the US

Viola Davis as You’ve Never Seen Her Before: Leading Lady!

This Latina Is Calling Out Telenovelas For Being ‘Overtly White’

Why are there so few black female stars with darker skin?

What You Need To Know About Colorism, As Told By A Light Skinned Black Woman

Yellow Fever



Welcome to our 2nd class blog. After every film screening and/or with certain topics, you will be asked to comment on the blog. Please incorporate the readings and refer to scenes from the class screening. Feel free to add articles, quotes from other books or blogs (please credit your source) as well as film clips that relate to the topic.


Please connect the assigned reading on Black women as the “Other” and the “Social Deviant” to She’s Got To Have It. We talked briefly about the concept of the “symbolic whore” and the “good girl vs the bad girl”. How does that relate to his female protagonist, Nola Darling? Please review the article below on She’s Got To Have It and incorporate scenes from the film in your comments/arguments.